According to our dedicated French/German translator, Michel Buck, this is what would happen if you translated ‘Rescue Rush’ into French..

“hmmm that’s a tough one. “rush” actually exists in french as an anglicism meaning the same thing i think, so RUSH DE SAUVETAGE might work.

however, the académie française – the official french ‘language-watchdog’ – would undoubtedly find that utterly offensive ( and quite possibly see to get your game shut down and all of  your staff banned from ever entering france again.

so a more conservative albeit ridiculous alternative might have been DÉBANDADE DE SAUVETAGE, although i’ve never heard the word débandade so i’m out of my depth.”


Thankfully, we shall be keeping ‘Rescue Rush’ as the universal title.

Good work Michel!


About Columbus the Cat

an adventurous cat with a mission to save the world!
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