Columbus the cat is doing well in this newly discovered hot climate. Having taken up residence in Brisbane for now, a new friend has been made! This little furball goes by the name of Mac, aka Macintosh, Macatron, Tron, Troninator, Macinator, Macattack and a host of other highly technical names.

Here you see Mac, hidden and shaded under a fence that got partially destroyed during the extreme weather conditions that recently took over. But all is not lost! in fact, far from it – an exciting new retreat and obstacle course has been opened up in this feline’s eyes!

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Supermono in Australia

Supermono in Australia

One of our team has this exact mug! However, this particular cup is filled with a herbal (as opposed to purist – milk, regular) teabag. Still a happy discovery none the less! You are never far from home..

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A fabulous gem from the lovely Carly-Ann Clements at Time Out.

And in case you STILL haven’t seen it (what on earth have you been up to?!?) here is our trailer, especially for you.

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Columbus the Cat visits Australia FOR REAL

After the world release of Rescue Rush and some glorious reviews, its nice to be be given the chance to actually visit the places being played around the world. One of the creators is currently in Brisbane and happily lazing around in the Australian sun!

Delighted to discover that HELEN (dear friend and resident of Brisbane) has been enjoying Rescue Rush to great effect and purchased some 150 Supermonium Crystals..

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Rescue Rush Trailer

We finally have our trailer! CHECK IT

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According to our dedicated French/German translator, Michel Buck, this is what would happen if you translated ‘Rescue Rush’ into French..

“hmmm that’s a tough one. “rush” actually exists in french as an anglicism meaning the same thing i think, so RUSH DE SAUVETAGE might work.

however, the académie française – the official french ‘language-watchdog’ – would undoubtedly find that utterly offensive ( and quite possibly see to get your game shut down and all of  your staff banned from ever entering france again.

so a more conservative albeit ridiculous alternative might have been DÉBANDADE DE SAUVETAGE, although i’ve never heard the word débandade so i’m out of my depth.”


Thankfully, we shall be keeping ‘Rescue Rush’ as the universal title.

Good work Michel!

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Our brand spanking new Rescue Rush forums are now LIVE!

Supermono Forums – Rescue Rush

Have a wander if you get lost, are looking for hints to improve your gameplay or even just to talk about how AWESOME the game is! Our lovely Lucy will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about the game.


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